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Integral Strategy focuses on transformation by helping people work together more effectively to implement complex large-system change.

Here’s how we’ll help you tackle a wicked problem; define a desired future; set a clear strategic direction; and act with agility.


Find Solutions Faster

Organizations are more agile, adaptive, and resilient when they involve the entire system


Simplify Complexity

Describe a desired future and the concrete actions and outcomes required to achieve it


Align Diverse Interests

Strategy is co-created by the stakeholders who will have to execute it


Maintain Clarity of Purpose

Create a shared purpose and align resources and capabilities to get there


Foster Innovation

Consciously create an environment where innovative ideas are formulated and designed


Deliver High-Impact Actions

Provide clear line-of-sight between the work people do and the desired outcomes


The four disciplines below create an adaptive cycle that can be repeated periodically or as new challenges emerge.

Explore possibilities and choose the optimal strategic direction

Strategy Lab enables organizations to envision a new paradigm based on breakthrough innovation. With the desired future as the starting point, organizations can find strategies unreachable through incremental change, and discover new value propositions and business models. These opportunities are then evaluated against the most promising strategy.

Strategy Lab is a collaborative, proactive dialogue about ‘what could be’. Workshop driven, the Strategy Lab process will:

  • Define the context;
  • Explore the opportunity space; and,
  • Clarify strategic intentions based on a rich set of strategic options.

Develop an outcome-based action plan

The Integral Strategy Roadmap is a highly effective tool to align collaborative efforts. It clarifies strategic intentions, identifies the actions and outcomes needed to achieve them, and shows stakeholders where they need to contribute.

The Integral Strategy Roadmap is a detailed one-page visualization of a strategy. Co-created in a series of facilitated workshops, it:

  • Brings stakeholders together in a deep conversation focused on a shared challenge;
  • Records shared intentions;
  • Enables effective communication;
  • Clarifies accountability, and helps coordinate collective effort; and,
  • Links outcomes and performance measures.

Help stakeholders organize and launch a successful strategy

Action Pathways sustains the strategic intentions of a community of stakeholders and organizes teams, information and work around the Strategy Roadmap enabling a successful transition into action.

Designed collaboratively with formal checkpoints to confirm community alignment, Action Pathways is a facilitated process that moves shared intentions to shared actions. During this process stakeholders:

  • Define the work necessary to address actions and outcomes on the Integral Strategy Roadmap;
  • Set and sequence priorities;
  • Establish roles and responsibilities;
  • Resource and train teams;
  • Identify risks and mitigating strategies; and,
  • Create a performance measurement framework.

Execute the strategy, accelerate learning and change, monitor results, and create the desired future

Integral Outcomes™ aligns and coordinates stakeholder effort in executing the strategy based on active stewardship of teams through cycles of acting, learning and planning.

Stakeholders see the results of an outcome focused strategy, being executed by collaborative teams organized around the Integral Strategy Roadmap. During the Integral Outcomes phase:

  • Execution is actively managed at the project and program level;
  • Communication and information sharing is continuous;
  • Risks are actively tracked and managed; and,
  • There is a sustained focus on outcomes to produce the intended transformative impact.


Create transformative change in your organization and across domains.