Integral Strategy works with national, regional and local government, and government agencies and Crown corporations to meet policy objectives, increase program effectiveness, and develop meaningful partnerships with other stakeholders to create quality of life and opportunity for their citizens.

Governments are constantly challenged to deliver value. Coupled with the magnitude of challenges to be addressed – rising costs, growing deficits, the changing economy, and aging populations – a strategic response is essential.

What we do

From the beginning, Integral Strategy provided a new collaborative way to design government strategy, addressing wicked problems for the public good and employing best practices in program design and delivery.

Integral Strategy helps government departments and agencies improve their ability to adapt and deliver in an agile way, helping them to:

  • See opportunities – sort through the ‘noise’ that surrounds wicked problems to identify opportunities for strategic intervention that can lead to responsive program design, alignment or overall structural improvement.
  • Untangle complexity – define the strategy to address a wicked problem as a concrete set of outcomes to be achieved.
  • Transform intention into action – create a detailed plan of action to realize the required outcomes.
  • Consider the entire system – align expectations, delivery, and funding through the system to reinforce the chosen strategic direction and optimize resources.
  • Create clarity of purpose – keep people focused on the strategic goal, and their contributions to achieving supporting outcomes, so they know what they need to do and why.
  • Foster innovation – consciously create an environment that promotes innovation and learning.
  • Deliver high impact actions – prioritize actions that will create outcomes with the highest impact.

Integral Strategy provides a proven approach to embracing complex challenges within government, and engaging diverse stakeholders to create transformative change.