Integral Strategy supports Foundations who invest purposefully in social innovation to address wicked challenges. Our uniquely collaborative approach helps create the structure for strategic experimentation and innovation.

In today’s environment of rapid change, Foundations need to balance the interests of diverse groups without losing focus on their core tenets. They play an important role in facilitating dialogue, identifying community issues and needs, building community capacity, and advocating for change.

What we do

We work with Foundations that want to see their investments in tackling wicked challenges produce enduring results. This could involve catalyzing new collaborations, where multiple community stakeholders work together to create collective impact, or it could focus on improving the capacity of a keystone organization to deliver real, quantifiable results.

Integral Strategy offers a wide range of expertise to:

  • See needs and opportunities – understand emerging challenges in a community and how Foundation investments could help to respond to them.
  • Make strategic investment decisions – identify areas for experimentation, innovation and capacity building that could create breakthroughs.
  • Engage the whole system – involve all of the stakeholders needed to make the strategy successful and produce the desired impact, from the start.
  • Maintain clarity of purpose – keep people focused on the strategic goal, and their contributions to achieving supporting outcomes, so they know what they need to do and why.
  • Embed experimentation and innovation – consciously create an environment that promotes innovation and learning.
  • Deliver high-impact actions – prioritize actions that will create outcomes with the highest impact.

Integral Strategy helps stakeholder drive transformative systemic change, unleashing the resources of a community for the collective good.