Integral Strategy helps community organizations work collaboratively to tackle social, economic and environmental challenges. We partner with municipal governments and organizations at the local level – including not-for-profits, NGOs, and partners in health care and education – to find solutions, align interests and create collective impact.

Communities work with us to develop new ways to address the challenges of rapid growth and decline, increase resiliency, and sustain opportunity and quality of life. We help to develop clear, outcome-based strategies that cross functional boundaries.

What we do

We provide a proven approach to bring together diverse interests, creating communities that become a preferred place to live, and harnessing community resources to realize visionary social and economic outcomes.

Integral Strategy helps communities increase their agility and ability to adapt by helping:

  • Make a change – identify possible futures based on emerging opportunities and challenges and choose a desired future.
  • Turn solutions into achievable actions – design how the chosen future will be realized and build a plan of action to deliver the required outcomes.
  • Collaborate effectively – focus stakeholder efforts on realizing the desired future and the impacts it will create.
  • Create clarity of purpose – make clear to stakeholders what it will take to deliver the strategy and where they need to contribute.
  • Engage the whole system – actively engage diverse perspectives to develop creative solutions and ensure that the strategy is complete.
  • Focus on outcomes – pay attention to the outcomes that are actually being achieved, to validate the strategy, learn, adapt, and maintain the focus on results.

Integral Strategy helps diverse stakeholders collaborate across boundaries to create robust strategies that purposefully harness the collective resources of the community. The result is shared action and transformative change.