Integral Strategy helps post-secondary institutions respond to rapid and disruptive change – new ways of teaching, new partnerships, and skills and knowledge for a changing world.

Educational institutions need to be able to learn and deploy in a rapidly changing world. Meeting the core academic mission to teach, research, and develop students can be challenging. Especially when set against a backdrop of insecure, and often declining, funding and support.

What we do

We work with institutions who are focused on delivering a holistic academic experience; who want to develop students who will lead and succeed in an increasingly challenging world; and who value a culture of inquiry, innovation, and exploration.

Integral Strategy helps institutions navigate through today’s challenging environment by helping:

  • Find solutions – fast. Identify strategic opportunities and challenges, and build a plan of action to deliver the strategy.
  • Distinguish themselves – create a competitive advantage by identifying breakthrough opportunities.
  • Create a deep sense of purpose – a co-created, aligned direction helps people see beyond the boundaries of their own work.
  • Foster innovation – purposefully designing an environment that promotes best practices in research, teaching and community service.
  • Deliver high-value outcomes – line-of-sight between actions and outcomes that allows institutions to identify high-value outcomes and set priorities for action.

Integral Strategy works with institutions to tackle wicked problems. By focusing on the entire system and engaging all stakeholders who will play a role in the strategy, we help deliver transformative change.