Advanced Education

University of Alberta

Creating and measuring a shared vision of excellence

The University of Alberta, Department of Occupational Therapy is part of the only free-standing faculty of its kind in North America. Housed in historic Corbett Hall in Edmonton, the Department of Occupational Therapy is ranked as one of the top occupational therapy schools in Canada. Its Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy program is the largest in the country.


The Department of Occupational Therapy is a professional school whose program is assessed and re-accredited every five years. It committed to bringing additional rigor to this process by defining clear outcomes that could be used to assess its performance in research, teaching, and community service.


A Strategy Roadmap was created that identified the strategic objectives for the Department based on concrete outcomes. Performance indicators were then defined for selected outcomes in the map. All faculty and administrative staff participated in the process, culminating in a shared vision of excellence.


The Department uses the map to visualize and communicate progress as outcomes are realized. Publicly posted, it is a constant reminder of what was intended and what has been achieved.


Photo mastermaq/flickr