Oil Sands Leadership Initiative (OSLI)

Designing a collaborative approach to oil and gas innovation

The Oil Sands Leadership Initiative (OSLI) was a collaborative network created by ConocoPhillips Canada, Nexen, Shell Canada, Statoil Canada, Suncor Energy, and Total E&P Canada. Its vision was to achieve world-class environmental, social and economic performance. OSLI’s Technology Breakthrough Working Group aimed to achieve positive step changes in the way the industry operates.


The challenge was to agree on a model for collaborative innovation in an industry that is highly competitive.


Integral Strategy™ engaged participants from all companies to co-create a Strategy Roadmap for collaboration.


A collaborative model was developed where companies worked together to identify shared engineering and technical challenges, define gaps, qualify ideas, develop concepts, and progress opportunities to the point where they could be pursued as joint industry or pay-and-learn projects. OSLI would provide matchmaking and support for collaboration.