Advanced Education

Mount Royal University

Embedding a culture of changemaking

Mount Royal used the Integral Strategy process to bring stakeholders from across its entire community together to establish, encourage, and accelerate a culture of change-making and social innovation.


Mount Royal University sought to differentiate itself and serve its students and the Calgary community by encouraging social innovation. The goal was to seek Asoka accreditation as a Changemaker University. Changemaking bridges gaps between disciplines, post-secondary institutions, and between these institutions and community. A new way of working together is needed that recognizes the valuable contribution each group can make toward creating meaningful change, and that catalyzes collaboration.


Mount Royal brought its stakeholders together to create a framework for ongoing cross-campus dialog and provide a broader context for the changemaking activities taking place across campus. This linked changemaking activities with positive impacts on campus and in the Calgary community.


Mount Royal has adopted social innovation as a core value. The University’s changemaking vision of making the world a better place now extends far beyond students to staff, faculty, administration and alumni.