City of Lethbridge

Embracing technology: Creating an Intelligent Community

Lethbridge is a commercial, financial, transportation and industrial centre, and the fourth largest city in Alberta. In 2015, it had a population of 95,000. It is home to the University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge College, and has a very active arts and cultural community. The City of Lethbridge, Economic Development Lethbridge, and other community stakeholders sought to take advantage of the opportunities the Internet and ubiquitous broadband capability offers, and to differentiate the city as an Intelligent Community.


The City of Lethbridge and Economic Development Lethbridge wished to create an environment that created opportunity for its youth to remain in the community. That meant establishing a strategy to develop and retain its youth through the creation of desirable jobs, companies and a high quality of living. At the same time, community leaders felt that they were losing ground to other jurisdictions competing for business investment.


Integral Strategy™ was used to develop a Strategy Roadmap. Community leaders from the City, economic development, education, social services, the library, downtown businesses, the arts, and key industries participated. A holistic strategy was created that identifies the conditions required to be an intelligent community and realize the benefits.


The goal was to realize the benefits of being an intelligent community in all aspects of community life, and to make the city a preferred location for business development and investment. The final version of the Roadmap was presented to a larger stakeholder group at an open house that was attended by more than 50 additional organizations. Two Contribution Maps showing areas of current and planned activity by all stakeholders were developed, priorities were selected, and Action Teams were formed to begin implementation planning. It has also subsequently been used to support the City’s capital planning processes.


“I found the journey of using the Integral Strategy Roadmap™ to be far more powerful than I first expected. Not only did the process itself allow us to engage our stakeholders in a far deeper way but also it provided us with a robust set of tools to ensure we could deliver meaningful results on our own moving forward.”

Trevor Lewington, Chief Executive Officer
Economic Development Lethbridge

“It is amazing to be able to take a complex initiative, delve deep into the details in a collaborative environment and end up with a specific, actionable strategy that will serve as a solid foundation moving forward. I am not familiar with another strategy-building tool that provides such a rich, organic output. The Integral Strategy Roadmap™ process exceeded my expectations.”

Jaylene Ulmer, Director Marketing & Communications
Economic Development Lethbridge