Advanced Education

University of Alberta

Researching oil sands reclamation – independently

The Oil Sands Research and Information Network (OSRIN) was created at the University of Alberta’s School of Energy and Environment to develop the best available scientific knowledge about reclamation of landscapes and water impacted by oil sands mining.


Restoration of land disturbed by oil sands mining is a difficult scientific challenge. New knowledge is needed to inform government policy and improve mining and land reclamation practices. OSRIN was funded by the Government of Alberta to stimulate research to fill knowledge gaps. Many parallel initiatives were already underway. OSRIN wanted to ensure that it did not duplicate existing efforts.


Integral Strategy™ was used to facilitate a dialogue with industry, government, researchers and environmental NGOs prior to designing and staffing the new organization, to realistically identify reclamation challenges, and create an organization that delivered unique value.


Consensus and a shared vision of OSRIN’s role emerged from this process. A Strategy Roadmap was used as the blueprint to create the organization and set clear strategic objectives.