Alberta Health & Wellness

Setting priorities in health care: Focus on outcomes

Alberta Health and Wellness allocates health funding and sets policy, legislation and standards for the healthcare system in Alberta. Alberta Health Services provides healthcare services at over 400 facilities, including hospitals, clinics, continuing care facilities, mental health facilities and community health sites.


The goal was to create a reliable, affordable, accessible, flexible, measureable, sustainable and high-performing health system while encouraging action on population health and self-care.


Integral Strategy™ engaged senior leaders from Alberta Health and Wellness and Alberta Health Services to develop a 20-year, integrated, outcome-based directional strategy for healthcare through the entire continuum of care.


The outcome framework provided the foundation for Results-Based Budgeting in the provincial health system – a multi-year process that engaged frontline workers, elected representatives, and members of the public. Results-Based Budgeting was mandated by the Alberta Premier for all government departments, to ensure that programs and services were being delivered effectively and efficiently.