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High-Performing Teams

Increasingly, we rely on teams to design and implement change. Research has shown that high-performing teams have special properties — strong interpersonal skills and equal opportunity to contribute. Integral Strategy Network uses processes that foster authentic dialogue and effective collaboration. We have seen first-hand how working this way helps organizations and communities get better results…

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A Story of Improvisation: The Epic Journey of Apollo 13

People are largely unaware of their true strengths. These strengths are often revealed when they confront difficult challenges — a moment of truth. The same is true of organizations. Teams often demonstrate unexpected abilities by multiplying the individual strengths of team members. We see this in our work, where clients challenged to find solutions to…

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The Ghost in the Machine

Organizations exist because they allow us to do things together we could never do on our own. Relationships determine how well they function. When organizations are unhealthy, this is embedded in everything they do. It’s the ghost in the machine. Korean Air Cargo Flight 8509 The instruments failed on Korean Air Cargo Flight 8509 when…

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Firefighting team

What makes a team a team?

There are many ways of defining a team.  One widely accepted definition is Kozlowski and Ilgen’s (2006) comprehensive characterization of teams. “Teams are (a) two or more individuals who (b) socially interact (face-to-face or increasingly, virtually); (c) possess one or more common goals; (d) are brought together to perform organizationally relevant tasks; (e) exhibit interdependence…

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