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Commander’s Intent

No organization is a better example of command and control than the military. It’s a popular notion that is no longer true. Faced with the volatility and uncertainty of 21st century conflict, armies have turned to self-organization to increase their agility on the ground. The all-powerful, all-knowing, top-down military command of the past is now…

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Intention Deficit Disorder

The Half-Life of Intention We are surrounded by failed intentions — like fallen leaves, torn and wind-blown. Organizations can’t stay focused, and it feels like the half-life of intention is about three months. I have come to think of this as ‘intention deficit disorder.’ Never mind the bravado at the start. Only half of the…

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Creating a Shared Future

The Power of Place Place is alive with unfolding possibilities. It is animated by stories, a keeper of memories. We create it together, each contributing our own gifts. Every community has its own DNA, woven from shared hopes and lives lived. It’s where we belong, where we gather, where we connect with the world. It…

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