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Collective Impact

Integral Strategy Network works with organizations and communities to tackle complex challenges where multiple stakeholders need to collaborate. The Strategy Roadmap defines how a desired future will be realized. It also provides a framework for coordinating collective effort. Capitalizing on stakeholder diversity, distributing accountability, and maintaining a shared focus on outcomes, has a collective impact…

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Stone Soup

ISN has seen again and again the power of collaboration, when stakeholders come together to create something new. In the beginning there is often nothing more than an idea. This small seed of possibility is enriched by what each stakeholder is able to contribute – creating something much greater than the collection of individuals. We…

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Visualizing Collaboration

Creating Shared Intentions The Strategy Roadmap is a way of visualizing strategy that clarifies the purpose of a community or organization. Using this approach, I’ve had the opportunity to work with organizations in all sectors on some of their most daunting challenges. It continues to be amazing — even after 15 years of practicing this…

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