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Four Doors to the Future

We now face many complex challenges, and there are reasons to be both pessimistic and optimistic. The outcome will depend on our commitment to take action. Experience has shown we can tackle the most difficult challenges when we work together. ISN is privileged to work with organizations and communities that are collaborating intentionally to create…

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Take on a Challenge

Integral Strategy Network works with organizations and communities facing wicked problems where collective action is needed. Tackling a challenge together increases collaboration — focusing the efforts of diverse stakeholders and creating a strong sense of shared purpose. Audacious challenges inspire people to think bigger, and often result in breakthrough innovations. Challenges are a proven way…

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Social License

Many of the ‘wicked problems’ we face today are socially complex. Some of the best examples are those where a solution depends on establishing social license. A New Reality Jim Cooney coined the term social license in 1997, when he was director of International and Public Affairs for the Canadian mining company Placer Dome. He…

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Taking on a Challenge

Many organizations are stuck. They’re held captive by the status quo. Confronted by an existential threat or opportunity, they remain frozen and unable to act. Successful organizations on the other hand are able to see a challenge and react quickly. They mobilize, improvise and innovate much faster than their competitors. Agility is now an essential…

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