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Robin Woodward, Partner

Robin has 20 plus years’ experience in managing companies through the innovation and development process, business planning, policy development, stakeholder involvement, and forestry & farm management. His recent work has focused on community challenges like strategic planning & development, alternative energy delivery, housing provision and municipal design.

Robin grew up on the family farm in Tompkins, SK and in Regina. He earned his MA in Geography from the University of Miami and he graduated from the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Science (Honours). After returning to Canada he worked for various companies and government departments in Saskatchewan and Newfoundland.  He has served as the CEO of several companies, including the Saskatchewan Forest Centre, before moving into consulting in 2009.

His professional work includes a diverse range of clients in the municipal planning, green energy & ethanol, forestry, agriculture/manufacturing and housing sectors.  Success has been measured through effective strategy deployment, responsive corporate start-up and board establishment, business plans positioned for financing, and cost effective re-design of municipal governance structures and government programs.


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