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Laura Reimer

Laura is an Integral Strategy Network Associate. She is a strategic, innovative, and relational learning facilitator with expertise in conflict resolution, governance, and Indigenous issues. An award winning former university professor, Laura brings a unique package to ISN. She sees patterns, challenges, and solutions quickly, allowing her to affect meaningful and systemic change while simultaneously improving relationships critical to complex organizations.

Laura is committed to leveraging and mobilizing the strengths of individuals to improve the strength of the group to identify and overcome organizational challenges. She is a skilled facilitator, negotiator, and a certified mediator, adept at working with small, large, diverse and homogeneous groups to find the common and powerful road forward.

Laura has a diverse educational and experiential background including governance consulting for school systems, non-profits, and Indigenous organizations. She was elected with record-setting victories to two Manitoba school boards, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Canadian Politics and English, and a Masters of Public Administration. Laura has been a cosmetics account executive, manager, and human resources administrator, and an avid volunteer in a variety of educational environments including a First Nations Alternative High School. She completed most of a Master of Education Administration before earning her PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Manitoba. Laura’s doctoral dissertation reflects her expertise in problem-solving: she merged a storytelling methodology adopted from the Irish Peace Processes, policy analysis, and conflict transformation to ask and determine why 70% of Indigenous students drop out of school. Laura’s published books, articles and book chapters provide windows into her unique approach to strategic planning.

Though born in Winnipeg, Laura has traveled across the country and the continent. She has lived in most of Canada’s larger urban centres and spent one life-changing year at the University of North Carolina.  These have had a profound effect on her perspectives and respect for the realities of organizational change. Very happily married to an agriculture pilot, Laura is an avid sailor, voracious reader of mystery fiction, delighted mother of four, and recently, a grandmother!