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Jim Brosseau

Jim is passionate about the need to rethink traditional project practices to be more relevant for today’s diverse teams and complex, knowledge-based projects - to be practical, situationally relevant, and adaptable. He sees the leadership role in teams as one that intentionally cultivates the environment that brings out the strengths of everyone in the team.

Jim’s physics and systems engineering education provides a strong analytical background for his work, his consulting with teams (over 20 years, on three continents, in a broad range of domains) has established the importance of team cohesiveness, and his experience provides a foundation of personal commitment and resilience for his work.

Jim brings a technology background in from embedded systems to air traffic control systems, and has worked with government, non-profits, manufacturing and service-based teams. His primary focus these days is collaborative project leadership, and the power of aligning diverse perspectives into strong, cohesive teams.

Jim is the author of two books, focused on teamwork and development of personal resilience. Originally from Southern Ontario, Jim has now been on the West Coast for 27 years and spare time finds him building and playing a variety of stringed instruments.