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Don Anderson

Don is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Professional Project Manager (PMP), and Professional Portfolio Manager (MoP).  He has a successful track record in: management consulting; portfolio management; systems integration and applications development.

Don is an impact leader with deep experience leading client engagements ranging from strategic planning to implementation.  His charisma and energy galvanize his clients to reach for excellence.  He has worked in many sectors including Private Industry, Government and Community.  Don's modus operandi of understanding the business "why" first, enables him to deliver customers value while enabling their success in the marketplace.

As a portfolio manager for complex enterprise initiatives, Don has found his niche working in complex, multidimensional problems and solutions.  Some of these endeavours included; A series of projects to enable all English speaking credit unions to participate in INTERAC; A major business and technology initiative for a results based regulatory environment system for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment; and an "Integrated Justice system."  Aligning Police systems; Courts systems; Prosecutions and Corrections.  

​Two of Don's ​project highlights include the implementation of the first Debit Card systems in Canada and the first Point of Sale system in North America.

Don is very active in the community and has played a lead role in several events when Regina hosts national sporting competitions such as: the Canada Summer Games; the Western Canada Summer Games and the National Sprint Canoe and Kayak championships.  He also took a leadership position in the community consultation; fund raising; revitalization and deepening of Regina’s urban park and crown jewel known as Wascana Lake.

Don is a graduate of the University of Regina with a degree in Business Administration as well as a BA in Economics. He continues to be very active in sports and competes at an international level in Sprint Canoe and Kayak racing and in Dragon Boat world championships.