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Archive for August 2018

Trust and the Brain

Trust is the foundation of a healthy society. Difference can be a source of friction, fear, and distrust. Getting to know others more deeply — seeing that they are just as human as ourselves — takes the edge off difference and makes us feel less threatened and more safe and secure. Dialogue builds trust and…

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Noah Effects, Joseph Effects

Complex systems still largely remain a mystery. Benoit Mandelbrot gave us new language to describe the deep subtleties of these systems — some of which are reflected in this article. We can no longer entertain the illusion that we are in control. We can, however, become more adept in dealing with complexity. ISN works with…

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ISN Welcomes new VP of Business Development

Integral Strategy Network welcomes Scott Christensen to the ISN team as Vice President of Business Development. He joins us from Calgary, Alberta and brings a wealth of experience from the technology sector in business development, marketing, and sales. Scott will help to spread the ISN story, working with all of us to ensure we can…

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