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Archive for June 2018


It’s a cliché that we live in a time of ‘unprecedented change.’ Every sector has been impacted and even more disruptive change is coming. ISN works with organizations and communities who are being bold in dealing with these challenges. Regardless of their sector, they have been proactive in identifying emerging threats and opportunities, imagining possibilities,…

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Employee Disengagement

Gallup’s employee engagement statistics are startling. Only a third of the American workforce feel connected to and are passionate about their organization. The rest feel unsupported and undervalued. That’s a large majority. The answer is for organizations to challenge people, offer opportunities to apply their strengths, and recognize their contributions. We see the difference this…

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Smart Cities

Integral Strategy Network is working in many ways with communities who want to collaborate at a higher level to improve quality of life and opportunity. Some of these initiatives address immediate social, economic and environmental challenges. Others are more focused on the future. Some of the communities we work with – like Brandon, Manitoba –…

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Four Doors to the Future

We now face many complex challenges, and there are reasons to be both pessimistic and optimistic. The outcome will depend on our commitment to take action. Experience has shown we can tackle the most difficult challenges when we work together. ISN is privileged to work with organizations and communities that are collaborating intentionally to create…

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High-Performing Teams

Increasingly, we rely on teams to design and implement change. Research has shown that high-performing teams have special properties — strong interpersonal skills and equal opportunity to contribute. Integral Strategy Network uses processes that foster authentic dialogue and effective collaboration. We have seen first-hand how working this way helps organizations and communities get better results…

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