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Archive for November 2017

Preparing for a Future That Will Never Happen

Humans are unique in their ability to imagine the future. We project our minds forward to vividly experience future events. But the brain is only a simulator, and the future is an illusion. We can prepare mentally for what could happen, but there are no guarantees. Humans have tried to foretell the future for eons, seeking guidance from…

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The Ghost in the Machine

Organizations exist because they allow us to do things together we could never do on our own. Relationships determine how well they function. When organizations are unhealthy, this is embedded in everything they do. It’s the ghost in the machine. Korean Air Cargo Flight 8509 The instruments failed on Korean Air Cargo Flight 8509 when…

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Why Strategies Fail

Most strategies fail. Estimates range from 50% to 90%. Why? Because organizations are unable to create the shared intention needed to achieve results. We’re confused about what ‘strategy’ really is. The debate rages on. Is it a process or a plan? Neither! That’s why we get dismal outcomes. Strategy is purpose. Strategy is an organization’s…

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