Why We Should Rethink Teams?

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Rethink your Teams and tap into a well of hidden potential, capacity and capability.

In today’s organization we spend hours bouncing from one priority to the next. We rarely find the time or space to get into a groove to produce meaningful work or results. How can we change this dynamic? How can we unlock the 70% of our workforce that is disengaged? How can we make sure an individual’s contribution is meaningful and valued? There is no simple answer to the complexity of the system that stands in the way of progress. The posts in this series will explore how system complexity, adaptable teams and outcome driven results are the cornerstones to changing and unleashing the potential of your people. Rethinking what teams are and how we reorganize around this untapped potential is critical to both progress and a new future.

To begin let’s talk about the team experience we are all searching for and trying to re-create. This is the experience where as a group, we came together around a challenge or project and things clicked. We worked well together, we trusted each other and we accelerated. As we accelerated, obstacles blurred into the background, barriers were easily hurdled and we delivered results and created impact. The work was more than enjoyable, it was energizing. The challenges got broken down into avoidable obstacles, bureaucracy seemed to bend to our will and we delivered results. Our leadership was engaged and empowering. In the end we got done what was needed.

How can these two very different examples of workplace perspectives live in today’s world that is inundated with data, information and technology, best practices, management fads, leadership courses, and certifications? Have we systematically distanced ourselves from the practice of working effectively together and the art of breaking down the barriers that impede trust and improving results? We keep adding new things, new solutions, new processes, new rules, or new policies instead of getting to the core issues and building the new capacity, culture and life we want to live and sustain in our organizations and communities.

We fail on this front from many different perspectives. We need to simplify, we need to connect and bring meaning back to what we do. We collectively need to act and be the leaders we want to work for, we need to build and be the example. There are amazing examples of how teams have done this. There is no one solution that fits all, there is no silver bullet, just a difficult path and an uphill climb to do and act differently than before. The posts that follow will present some of the key components to rebuild and rethink your teams into what you need and want them to become.

Unleash your potential.

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Eric Lott

Eric is ISN's CEO, team coordinator, and a key contributor to the ISN Transformation Methodology, Action Pathways and Integral Outcomes. His foundation as a coordinator, collaborator, strategist, tactician, designer and learner allows him to drop into situations and establish footing in which to affect systemic change.

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