Organization & People

The Ghost in the Machine

Organizations exist because they allow us to do things together we could never do on our own. Relationships determine how well they function. When organizations are unhealthy, this is embedded in everything they do. It’s the ghost in the machine. Korean Air Cargo Flight 8509 The instruments failed on Korean Air Cargo Flight 8509 when…

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Firefighting team

What makes a team a team?

There are many ways of defining a team.  One widely accepted definition is Kozlowski and Ilgen’s (2006) comprehensive characterization of teams. “Teams are (a) two or more individuals who (b) socially interact (face-to-face or increasingly, virtually); (c) possess one or more common goals; (d) are brought together to perform organizationally relevant tasks; (e) exhibit interdependence…

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Maintaining Community Momentum Over the Long Haul

Do you want to double, or even triple your capacity to successfully undertake large community development initiatives? Multi-stakeholder community development initiatives are often long term and complex in nature. The need to engage and then mobilize multiple stakeholders, particularly at different phases adds a dimension of complexity not often found in typical community programs. Support…

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Why We Should Rethink Teams?

Rethink your Teams and tap into a well of hidden potential, capacity and capability. In today’s organization we spend hours bouncing from one priority to the next. We rarely find the time or space to get into a groove to produce meaningful work or results. How can we change this dynamic? How can we unlock…

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