Reframing What is Possible

Seeing Possibilities Reframing changes our perspective so we are able to see a problem differently. It is one of the most powerful techniques for creative thinking. Through reframing we gain new insights, see new options, and find unexpected solutions. Reframing is key to strategy development. It is also an essential tool in the design repertoire.…

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Beginner’s Mind

Closed Mind In a classic Zen story, a learned visitor meets with a Zen master, asking probing questions about Zen practice. The visitor talks at length, expressing his opinions. The master pours tea. The cup slowly fills. The master keeps pouring. Tea runs over the rim of the cup and onto the table. The master…

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Firefighting team

What makes a team a team?

There are many ways of defining a team.  One widely accepted definition is Kozlowski and Ilgen’s (2006) comprehensive characterization of teams. “Teams are (a) two or more individuals who (b) socially interact (face-to-face or increasingly, virtually); (c) possess one or more common goals; (d) are brought together to perform organizationally relevant tasks; (e) exhibit interdependence…

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Taking on a Challenge

Many organizations are stuck. They’re held captive by the status quo. Confronted by an existential threat or opportunity, they remain frozen and unable to act. Successful organizations on the other hand are able to see a challenge and react quickly. They mobilize, improvise and innovate much faster than their competitors. Agility is now an essential…

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Rethink Strategy

Strategy is a trigger word for many people. We tend to be very cynical about it – and often for good reason. It’s an annual ritual in many organizations – a box that needs to be checked off once a year. The development process is often disconnected from the messy reality of the real world.…

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