Firefighting team

What makes a team a team?

There are many ways of defining a team.  One widely accepted definition is Kozlowski and Ilgen’s (2006) comprehensive characterization of teams. “Teams are (a) two or more individuals who (b) socially interact (face-to-face or increasingly, virtually); (c) possess one or more common goals; (d) are brought together to perform organizationally relevant tasks; (e) exhibit interdependence…
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Taking on a Challenge

Many organizations are stuck. They’re held captive by the status ...
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5 Tips for Getting the Most out of High-Performance Individuals

You all know them. High performing people that seem way ...
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Maintaining Community Momentum Over the Long Haul

Do you want to double, or even triple your capacity ...
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Why We Should Rethink Teams?

Rethink your Teams and tap into a well of hidden ...
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Rethink Strategy

Strategy is a trigger word for many people. We tend ...
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