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David Forrest, Founder & Partner

The founder of Integral Strategy Network, David is a strong communicator, problem solver and creative thinker. He is widely known as a writer, futurist, strategist and facilitator of systemic change.

David studied ecology in university, where he gained a deep appreciation for complex systems. He coined the term ‘enterprise ecology’ in the early-1980s to describe the application of ecological principles to business competition, innovation, and strategy. Driven by a growing interest in systemic change, he developed Integral Strategy™ and founded the Integral Strategy Network. Integral Strategy is unique in its ability to catalyze self-organization and collaboration in large multi-stakeholder systems.

Early in his career, David focused on the strategic application of technologyHe joined a national management and information technology consulting firm in the late 1980s, where he advised clients on business strategy. He was a member of the R&D team that developed Benefits Realization, an approach to strategic change that improved the results organizations obtained from their investments.

David was one of the authors of the best-selling book The Information Paradox: Realizing the Business Benefits of Information Technology. Later an associate of Fujitsu Consulting, he was a Fujitsu Consulting Fellow and a member of Fujitsu's Global Strategic Consulting Council.

David lives in Victoria, British Columbia. He is an Advisory Board member at the Institute for Science, Society and Policy at the University of Ottawa, and belongs to a number of futures organizations. An avid reader, lifelong learner, and respected authority on global change, he has published Innovation Watch since the late 1990s, a continuous scan of trends and emerging futures followed by readers in more than 40 countries. He is a member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada.

David is passionate about the outdoors and is a serious wilderness canoeist. He has maintained a lifelong interest in Eastern philosophy, which teaches that everything is connected.


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