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Commander’s Intent

No organization is a better example of command and control than the military. It’s a popular notion that is no longer true. Faced with the volatility and uncertainty of 21st century conflict, armies have turned to self-organization to increase their agility on the ground. The all-powerful, all-knowing, top-down military command of the past is now…

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Crisis and Renewal

The Adaptive Cycle in Nature Nature responds to opportunities. Empty spaces fill quickly after a fire destroys a forest and leaves barren ground. Plants adapted to survive in harsh conditions arrive first. Once established, they pave the way for others. Early colonizers are followed by shrubs and trees. Over time, the ecosystem resettles into a…

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Stone Soup

An Old Folk Tale You likely already know the story of stone soup. Versions appeared in France in 1720 and 1771, in England in 1806, and in America in 1808. Many countries have their own variations, and the tale has been told and retold in many children’s books. The story is universal. A search for…

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