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Visualizing Collaboration

Creating Shared Intentions The Strategy Roadmap is a way of visualizing strategy that clarifies the purpose of a community or organization. Using this approach, I’ve had the opportunity to work with organizations in all sectors on some of their most daunting challenges. It continues to be amazing — even after 15 years of practicing this…

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Intention Deficit Disorder

The Half-Life of Intention We are surrounded by failed intentions — like fallen leaves, torn and wind-blown. Organizations can’t stay focused, and it feels like the half-life of intention is about three months. I have come to think of this as ‘intention deficit disorder.’ Never mind the bravado at the start. Only half of the…

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Where Are Your Stories?

Edward Chamberlin described a meeting between government officials and First Nation elders in British Columbia, Canada. The government claimed possession of land where aboriginals had lived for countless generations. “If this is your land,” an elder asked, “where are your stories?” Chamberlin – professor of literature at the University of Toronto and a researcher on…

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